Behind the Art with Jen

 Hi creative people!

Where do you get your ideas for Art?

Well, sometimes I get ideas for art but the act of creation is the hard part.  I think I know what I want and then when faced with the page, I freeze up... doubt myself and my choices.  I get on Pinterest or other artist's blogs and start comparing myself.  It's a no-win situation!  It wastes time and cause procrastination (something I don't need more of btw).  I start doubting my abilities, my creativity, and my ability to come up with something new. That's no good!

 Intuition is there lurking in the background under all that doubt.  I just have to shut down the comparisons and let it come through.  Silence the doubts and close the windows of "inspiration" so that I can just create!
For this page, I started with the journaling!  I knew what I wanted to say and typed it out on vellum to be layered over my art.  I just didn't know what my final product would look like.   Once I saw the  lightbulb mask, I KNEW it would light up my page!  I started by tracing the outside shape with pencil.
 I then filled in that shape with Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Textural Accents Gesso. 
 I also dripped a bit so I went with it and splattered a bit more!  ;)
 The rest came out of opening myself up to creative ideas... I just went with it.  I needed something more so I added some watered down Gelatos® color in Banana to the lightbulb.  Once dry, I used a PITT Artist Pen to outline the mask.  I grabbed the mask from one of our previous kits and  added the arrows with the pen.

The vellum journaling block was added over it all and tacked down with stitching.  I used the Distress paint below it with papers and the photo layered over it. Scribbling over the paint with colored pencils was also added. I just had fun!
I was very happy with this page. It's actually an illustration of what happens when you let go of the comparisons and just have fun with the creative process.

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