Behind the Art with Jen Matott

Hi artsy friends!  I am back and sharing a layout from this month's "Intuition" kit!  I believe we all have intuition, but some people definitely pay closer attention to it and know enough to listen to that voice. 
 This was my last layout and it was a process where I had an idea and the design of the page came together by accident.  I knew that I wanted to create a page where I shared a time in my married life when my husband had such doubts about his ability and success in his career.  He had taken a new position in the company after much encouragement from management.  He really didn't want to give up the position he had because he was so good at it.  He asked me what I thought and I told him to trust his gut.  I also told him that I didn't want to hear how much he regrets taking the job later. He ended up taking the promotion.  Then for over a year, that is all I heard about... how much he didn't know if he was cut out for this position.  I KNEW he was doing great!  He didn't know... even after telling him over and over.  It was not a great time in our relationship.  My intuition was telling me that this was just a temporary stepping stone to something better.  After 18 months, he was offered another position that kept him closer to home with less travel and he has been happy with it ever since.  I KNEW it was coming!  

 So this layout started with creating some sun rays behind where the photo would be.  I wanted to symbolize how the sun will shine again and chase away the worries.  My husband is a worrier! 
 I used the Distress paint from this kit and the pink from last month's kit too.  I sprayed the whole paper with water to allow the edges to get blurry. Once dry, I outlined with a black pen for more definition.
 The title was funny because I ran out of letter E's in the light blue color.  I used the darker for the BE... after looking at it, I realized that it was perfect because it highlighted "BE" as in just wait and be patient.  Be yourself...  it was an intuitive choice!
Sometimes, even when it's hard and things are not working out the way we want, you have to trust that there is a master plan... that all things happen for a reason.  Sometimes it's our family members that KNOW that it's going to be okay even when we don't think so.  Just wait for the good things. 

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