Behind the Art with Heather

Welcome to my last "Behind the Art" post for April! 

Today's layout is a fun one:

I wanted this page to be an encouragement for myself. A note-to-self kind of page. I loved this piece of inspiration from this month's Pinterest board. I thought the phrase "Today is Your Day" went so well with the theme of celebration. Celebrating every day… that's a good challenge. 

Here's what I wrote to myself on this page:
"Every day that you are alive has the potential to be great. Make it happen! You can make every day of your life fabulous and worth celebrating… Remember this and you will be happier!" 

I thought it was important to tell myself to try to make every day awesome. Sometimes I don't feel like being happy and enthusiastic, but sometimes it's best to make yourself go on and have a good day. I work at a store as a sales associate, and I know sometimes I just do NOT feel like smiling and being friendly to the customers. But when I do, it makes me feel so much better. It's good to celebrate being alive! Celebrate being able to be up and around and going to work! 

Some of the symbolism I used on this page includes stars and sequins for celebration (of course), the little sun-ray die cut that I watercolored yellow and tucked behind my photo (symbolizing being happy!), and the little gift cameo. Every day is a gift, so that's why I put a little present embellishment on my page! :) 

So there it is! Project #4 for this month! See ya next month!

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