Behind the Art with Stacey

This month I spent some time identifying those things I really wanted to celebrate.  My family is the obvious choice, but there is more that I am thankful for.  I am so grateful for an amazing group of friends.  Girlfriends who help me keep my spirit and make me laugh on a regular basis.

I wanted to celebrate not only the friendship, but the way that the friendship has made me feel.  When I am with this group of girls, I just want to wear my party hat!

Finding the elements to this page was fairly easy!  I grabbed the Wish card and the Fun paperclip right away.  Then I started looking for fun motifs and images within the paper.  Be sure to explore hand cutting when you scrapbook.  There are so many unique images to chose from.  I grabbed the party table from the Webster's paper.
How fun is this table!  I loved that it had the party hat.  It totally pushed me to use that as a guide for picking other elements.  I also incorporated the sign with the words because I like the message!
I used the idea of party hats around the page, placing the words in my journaling.  I spread out some sequins to join the two sides of the page.
I also cut another small hat from the paper and placed it on the Fun word.  I added in the pom pom banner as another decoration to the page.  Try taking one central ideas and repeating it all around the page.  You will be pleased with how cohesive it all becomes!

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