Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to go on a different journey. I'm going to show you a way to take the opposite of a positive theme and make it become something healing, while focusing on the "not so happy."  It's hard to go there. I don't know about you but, I prefer feeling light hearted and joyful. I don't like feeling sad. However, I have experienced the other side of visiting those emotions.

So... when we first got this kit, as a design team, I was thrilled. I love celebrating. I loved the contents. They exploded with happiness and delight. But, I've been in a bit of a funk lately. I'm exhausted. I'm homesick. I don't enjoy a couple of areas of my life. Celebrating seemed kind of difficult for me when it comes to the here and now.

There is a ton of symbolism on this layout and it was actually pretty easy to pull it from the kit. I chose some of the more calm patterns and deeper colors. 

I chose to cut out the letters for the word "Hard" to symbolize the obvious... it's hard to do that! It's time consuming. But also very therapeutic! :)  

I cut apart the chevron shapes and grouped them going in two different directions.  The chevrons going down have nothing blocking them. (Symbolism: feeling down... pond scum... depression... sadness... stress....)
The chevrons going up are blocked. There is a strip of paper up top and I used staples to symbolize that going up... is much harder. 

Tearing paper is always therapeutic! I chose to tear the paper, instead of cut it, because I wanted to show that angst. Again, I added staples to show the discomfort. When we are in that pit... in that moment of stress or sadness... it feels like we're being held back. Can you agree?

After creating this, it felt good to get it out. I stare at this layout often and I actually smile. I almost feel like the staples on this layout have made those sad emotions stick to the paper and they are no longer part of me. I took all those feelings inside me, and attached them to something else. 

I'm okay. Life is good. But, I'm so thankful for an outlet to record those moments... that we ALL go through... that aren't the happiest or pleasant.

Sometimes it's IS hard to celebrate. I'm thankful that MOST times.... it's fun and easy to celebrate. :) 

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