Behind the Art with Stacey

I love that Rachel provides journaling prompts each month to go with each kit.  I really use them as a springboard for ideas.  One of the prompts really made me think about something that I am celebrating that maybe no one is aware of.

Here is what I came up with!

I decided to tell the story about how I found my way back to church.  My kiddos have entered CCD so we have started attending Mass as a family.  I discovered how much it means to me.

I incorporated a lot of symbolic images to this page.  I kept it really simple with some bold elements.  I thought the clouds were just the perfect touch with the idea of church.  I decided to create the large sun, simply hand cutting a decorative circle from the Webster's paper.  I wanted it to appear as though the sun is coming out from cloudier days.  I added the sequins to represent the light.

I used the wood scroll as a base for my title.  I like how it is a banner, with an announcement.  I told my story, focusing on the positive.  It is a page that I am happy to have created!

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