Behind the Art with Heather

It's Heather here again with a page I made with the April "Celebrate" kit. 

If you can't tell on the photo, I made a huge confetti pocket on my page. If you want to know how to make the pocket, I'm discussing that on my personal blog today. _____insert link________ I love the fact that I used, like, every single piece of paper from the kit in the confetti pieces. If you know me, you know I love using lots of patterns on my layouts! 

I started out with this prompt from SFTIO.

Let Loose: What’s your favorite way to blow off steam and have a really good time? If you could celebrate anywhere and with anyone, where would you go and with whom would you be? And what would you do – Vegas or Home? Most importantly, what would you FEEL LIKE if you could have that perfect celebration – loved, peaceful, excited, overjoyed? Design Twist: Huge title word that describes feeling of the perfect celebration

I loved the thought of documenting the perfect birthday. I live about 12 hours from all of my close friends. I have never celebrated my birthday with them. Sure I have partied with friends from school through the years, but it's just not the same. The past couple of years, I have become really close to the friends in the photo on my layout. I SO wish that I could celebrate my birthday with them! I know we would have a BLAST! Hey… I'm turning 20 this year. Maybe this year would be a good time! :) 

My journaling reads: 
"I have never celebrated my birthday with my close friends. Since we live far from them, it's basically impossible to be with them on my actual birthday. I would LOVE to spend my birthday with Mecia, Kelsey, Katelyn, and MarLeah. It would be even better if we could celebrate somewhere like San Fran or NYC, but I'd even go from partying at home. Maybe someday!"

I don't think we would all get together in a big city, honestly. We probably couldn't agree on where to go. LOL But just staying at home and having a sleepover sounds AMAZING to me! Crossing my fingers that this will happen soon. :)

I used the title "Special" to show that I would feel so special and honored if my friends would celebrate with me on my birthday. Like I've said, I never have celebrated with them so I know it'd be great. And I'm sure they'd make me feel special. 

As for symbolism-- I used confetti to symbolize partying (woo hoo!), I used the wood veneer flower piece to show some femininity, and the little metal heart paperclip-type embellishment to say that I love my friends! I also used the little die cut that says "contagious laughter" because when you're with friends, you know you laugh a lot! 

Thanks for joining me for another Behind the Art segment! 

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