Behind the Art with Stacey

I am here today to share some insight into one of my pages, Dare to Say It.  I am purposeful when I scrap, picking elements that communicate my theme and work with my photos.
First and foremost, the photo is the key.  I love to emphasis the photo first and make all other elements work from there.
I wanted to convey that I am happy with my communication style.  I like to say it directly, put it on the table.  So a photo with my smiling was a must.  I worked with the fact that I am gazing upward, making sure the rest of my page elements moved from there. I used the newspaper print and all the frames.  To me, the rectangles represent tables.  I combined some stickers, some with color, and even drew some.

I made the wood veneer shape a major focal point by placing the red paper under the opening.  It is a pop of bold color on a monochromatic page.  Speaking of monochromatic, I decided to use a title that was the same tone as the background paper.  I think the size of the letters make them stand out, but not too much.  Kinda like my ability to be direct.

I told my story on a sticker from the Pebbles sheet.  It was just enough words to communicate my thoughts. 

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