Behind the Art with Melissa

When it comes to honest conversations and moments where it's time to get real, I have no problem being real.  It is a pet peeve of mine when people beat around the bush.

Just say how you feel!

But, I also understand how that can be easier for some and more difficult than others. We all have different stories and personalities. I haven't always been able to be so open. There was a time where I felt lots of shame and embarrassment for a portion of my story. Over the years, I've been through therapy and, thanks to my faith, I've been able to be more open and share why I have this confidence now.

Now that I'm at this point in my life, I've come up with some rules for when it's time to get real. Especially when you are having a conversation with me. :) Here they are: Don't sugarcoat. Don't glamorize and say what you mean! 

That goes for just about anything in life. Whether it's sharing with me about your life or even something as simple as a policy at work. It just drives me nuts when people don't shoot straight with me! 

I used the graphic paper and speech bubbles for this layout because being real involves lots of talking. Right? Or lots of writing if you have to do that before speaking. Speak straight from the heart (wood hearts showcase that symbolism, as well as, the strip of paper at the bottom) and I added the metal arrow clips to show direction to the heart. 

After recording these thoughts, I'm glad to have it down on paper now. If anyone ever wants to question how I receive information... just know I need the truth and I'll give it right back. :) 

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