Behind the Art with Jen

Another layout to share this month... The word honesty is one that had me thinking about all the ways that I portray my life.  Marriage is usually portrayed either with warm and fuzzy affection or broken, sad distance.  It's complicated. I would like to think our marriage looks perfect and happy on the outside but the truth is:  it's difficult!  Marriage takes a lot of hard work... patience, honesty, forgiveness.

 I love these photobooth photos of my hubby and I at his company holiday party!  It is sweet, pretty and warm, but the truth is that we were probably arguing not 5 minutes before the photo was taken.  You don't see that in the photo, but anyone that has been married knows that a marriage ebbs and flows with a combination of arguments, hugs, annoyances, kisses, and lots of words in between.  It's not a pretty picture all the time.
 Here is a picture of my journaling.  In minimal words, I wrote about how it's hard to be understanding and know each other for better or worse.
 A favorite product of mine is texture paste. My favorite is Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Textural Accents Whipped Spackle. I use it on most of my projects!  It's perfect to use with the stencil or masks.  I used it with the stencil here to create some fun shapes that are raised a bit.
Just use a palette knife or popsicle stick to spread it over the stencil and then pull the stencil up and off.  It leaves the shapes raised and when dry, it can be colored, sprayed on, or left white!
I used a stamp to create more texture.  I had a handwritten text stamp and used it while the spackle was moist but not wet.
I added some of the Distress marker on it and added water to create a wash of color.   I colored on a craft mat with the marker and added water with a brush.  I used the brush to transfer the color to some areas of the work.
We all portray our relationships in an ideal way with photos but it doesn't tell the entire honest story.  Only our private lives know the complexity of those relationships. There are just some things that remain between the two who own them.

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Mallrat said...

I love the page .. and you are so right marriage is work :)