Behind the Art with Jen

Hi lovely viewers!  I have my last layout to share with you for this month!  This one was a fun page to create!  I knew that I wanted to use those chipboard photo frames and the mask on that gorgeous grey cardstock.  It just came together with lots of layers and I was even inspired by a sketch that I found on Pinterest (because to be honest, I was out of mojo at the time... I needed a kickstart!).  Even though my design turned out very different, I liked the grouping of frames/ rectangles and used the chipboard and pocket as my layering pieces. 

 The whole premise of this page was that we all tell little white lies in order to keep things positive. Everyday that I have a bad attitude, I have to put on a smile because when I'm grouchy, my students end up grouchy.  So, I try to keep things positive even when I'm not feeling positive. 
 One of my other layouts speaks of how I have a hard time keep my opinions to myself, but I also can temporarily put my negative thoughts aside to make my day run more smoothly.  What would happen if I lashed out at everyone just because I felt crappy?  It would lead to a more difficult day for me (and my students).  So, sometimes I just keep my mouth smiling even when I want to scream!
The white pen was used for journaling and to draw the mask openings.  I  Love how the contrast of the white against the dark grey draws your attention.
So what white lies do you tell to keep the peace?

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