Behind the Art with Heather

It's Heather here with my last page for this month! I hope you have enjoyed all of the design team's projects this month featuring the theme of HONESTY. I hope we have inspired you to create some honest-to-goodness pages! :)

So this is a page that is totally "me." I even used crazy pictures of myself. I rarely share silly photos of myself publicly, so you are lucky. Or not lucky. LOL ;) 

I journaled on this page about how I withhold some information about myself from others. Like I put in my journaling, it's not that I am dishonest about myself, but there are things that I don't tell anyone because I don't want them to "judge me." Actually, I hate that phrase because people use it as an excuse. But anyway, this page documents that I do have things that I keep to myself. I don't think that's dishonesty. They don't ask, so I don't tell them. And of course I don't want to walk up to someone and introduce myself with those seldom-known facts.

This is a very private page, so I hid the journaling. But to offset that, I used lots of bright colors and fun embellishments to say, "this is what I am, but I do have things that are hidden from others." I am a very bright and happy person (usually, LOL) and so I wanted this page to reflect my personality. But I do have a few things hidden from the world. 

I used a little wood veneer "potty person" to symbolize I am a girl (not obvious, is it?!). That's not included in the kit. I also used that awesome arrow paper clip from Webster's Pages to symbolize holding it all together. That is included in the kit! :) I also used those notebook-edge stickers from the sheet of Pebbles "From Me to You" stickers to say, "Hey-- I tore this out of a notebook. Remember it." It also reflects my title: Memo. Remember this. Stick it on your wall with some washi tape. My photos symbolize that I am ok with being not totally "out there." I can be myself and still have some secrets. :) 

So there it is! My last page for this month! Thanks for visiting, and be sure to check back April 1st for the new kit reveal!  

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