Behind the Art with Heather

It's Heather here again on this fine Thursday to share with you another layout I made with the "Honesty" kit this month.

I love scrapping pictures of my sister and me. We do a lot of things together, and we therefore, we are really close. Even though she is 4 years younger than me. I'm pretty sure that I have never thought about the age gap that much. :)

I tell just about everything to Laura (that's my sister). She knows a LOT about me. And I know a LOT about her. So, when I was thinking of honesty, I realized that if there was one person that I am honest with 110% of the time, it would be Laura. If I think her outfit looks atrocious, I will let her know. If she thinks I look awful, you can bet she will tell me. I think it's also a sister thing. ;) So, this layout is documenting the fact that I am totally "me" around my sister and that I am most honest when I'm around her. 

I used one of the journaling cards from the "Enhancements" paper from the "Natural" line from Authentique for the title AND journaling. I liked the phrase "this is the story about me" and it was even better that it had room for writing on the card! My journaling reads:

I am most open around Laura. She knows things that even my closest friends don't know. I think it's a "sister" thing. I feel comfortable around Laura and that's why I am 110% myself around her. 

 Some symbolism here on this page includes polaroid frames-- I mean, how cool is it to literally "frame" your photos? Totally awesome, that's what it is. I also loved that "SMILE" cameo, so I used that to symbolize that my sister and I smile a LOT when we are together. I used the cute little heart wood veneer card to show that I love my sister. Last but not least, I used some of the awesome word stickers from the sheet of Authentique stickers. I don't really consider that symbolism, but I used words that were relevant to this page. Remember. Original. Important. There are some fabulous words on those stickers to choose from. :)

So who are you most honest around? Who do you tell everything to? Let me know in the comments section! :)

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