Go with the Flow *Behind the Art*

Hey! It's Heather here today to share with you another "behind the scenes" look at a layout I made with this month's "Intention" kit.

Intention. When I think of intention, I think of meaning to do something. Which leads me to think of goals. How do I achieve my goals? I used to make much more structured steps to achieve my goals. But now that I have "lived life" a little bit, I have found out that you have to go with the flow. 

A lot. 

I have found out that if I plan every little step of the way, I am easily disappointed at how situations turn out. Disappointed at how I don't end up making it to my goals. So, instead, I have found peace in just going for it. Yes, I still make specific goals. And, yes, I do work hard to make those goals. When I "go with the flow," I am a lot happier in the end. If I don't make a goal, then I know it was for the good, and I adjust my course accordingly. 

Yes, it is hard not knowing what is going to happen next. But that's what makes life interesting, right? :) 

So, how do you achieve your goals? Do you make a plan? Or are you like me and just "go with the flow"? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks for joining me for another "Behind the Art" feature. 

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