Behind the Art with Stacey

Being a mom of two kids, I am finding that time is flying by.  I have such an important job in teaching them all they need.  They are at the age to start being more independent.  It is hard to let go and trust.  I have to remember that I am responsible for giving them life's lessons.

One such lesson is living life with intention.  I really believe in the power of positive thinking, the Secret.  If you visualize it and believe it...if you intend for it to happen, it will.  I want to teach that to my kids.

 I carefully chose this picture of my kids with their backpacks on, ready to go.  I grabbed the And So It Begins card immediately because it really translated my thoughts.  I placed the photo underneath the arrow to tie the two elements together. 

Then, I decided to add some artistic elements.  I had the feeling of bricks on the road of their journey.  I used the awesome polaroid stencils in the kit to draw those rectangular blocks.  The layout needed a little jazzing and this was the perfect solution.  I just turned the polaroid stencils, using some horizontally and some vertically.  Then I put some meaningful word stickers in the middles of some rectangles.  The I Love You banner was cut from a sheet of the chalkboard paper.  I love how it adds a touch of black.  When you are using your kit, really look around at all the elements and decide what communicates your theme.
I decided to hand cut a part of my title.  This is my message to my kids and now the page has my cursive writing in the title.  I layered other fonts for interest.  Placing the journaling under the photo finishes it all off.
I like to design with intention, picking out my elements before I put the page together.  Everything has a place and a purpose. 

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