Last Stop on the INTENTION Blog Hop & Rachel's OLW

Most of you are probably familiar with Ali Edwards One Little Word (TM) concept.

It's something that has always appealed to me. But it hasn't always 'worked' for me.

By that I mean that I've struggled with keeping my word in my sight, in my mind and in my heart.

For me, the idea of OLW actually predates Ali's great marketing and passion for this idea. 

Growing up in a religious household, the idea of setting your INTENTION is a central concept in how you choose to live your life. While I'm not part of that religious community anymore, I am still drawn to the idea that to make something count, you have to create an INTENTION.

Example? Praying isn't about asking for stuff, it's about the connection you make with the divine. And that connection is generated by focusing your mind on what it is you hope for. In Hebrew, that INTENTION is called 'kavanah'. In my mind's eye, that word carries a lot of weight. It's more than intention - it's sacred intention. And that intention is the main ingredient in success. It's not a guarantee, but it's the clearest way to your destination.

That's what was in my heart when I created the SFTIO February Kit, INTENTION. I wanted to help myself, our team and all of you to clarify your goals, dreams and desires for the coming year.

So my OLW for 2014 is a little nod to my heritage...


As in being conscious to stay in the present moment (be here, be now) and also to 'show up' for life and for challenges (raising my hand, here!) There's also the Torah story of Moses being called and he says 'Hineni' - 'I am here' indicating that he is ready and available for what is next. 

As I INTEND to be. Here.

Thanks to our great Design Team for sharing their INTENTION layouts for the hop! I'm SO motivated to stay on my path to HERE.

Our first Inside Out challenge for you for this month is just that:

One Little Word: Do you set an intention for the year, using the one little word concept or perhaps by making New Year’s resolutions? Does using these techniques help you change in a positive direction, or does it put pressure on you that is sometimes too intense? How have you fared in prior years using OLW and do you have one in place for this year? What did you choose and why?

Tell me what you think about the OLW concept and how or if it works for you in the comments to be eligible for a prize. The more blogs in the hop on which you comment, the more chances you have to win. Make sure to comment by 9 p.m. Pacific Time on Saturday and we'll announce the winner will be announced Monday.

What will you win?

And it'll be filled with artsy goodies to help you soar!

More importantly, we want you to be inspired to create art about your world - so use the prompt - whether or not you choose a OLW, explore the idea...what draws you in, what repels you, all that matters is how YOU feel.

And if you feel like it, share it with us on FB. We'd love to be part of your inner world.

In case you're starting here, you can go back to Melissa's Blog and hop in this order:

SFTIO Blog (You're Here!)

Our INTENTION kit is still available - check it out here...click the photo to see all the fab details and get yours today! You're worth it.


Mallrat said...

I'm not good with living with a word either. I love your choice of "here" .. I think everyone needs to practice living in the here and now :) Thanks for a chance to win

katiebug92 said...

Loved everyone's layouts. My word is create. I want to live a creative life.

Robyn said...

What a fun hop..........I love seeing how everyone chose their word and interpreted it..........their progress or no so progress. I have been pretty good with past OLW. Not so sure this year as I originally was not going to chose one. That has changed..........my OLW is Healthy.

Martine said...

I've picked an OWL a couple of times before but haven't been very good at keeping up with them. I wasn't going to pick one this year. Going through the hop made me think. Right now, I definitely need to "Hope" and "Believe" in something, in me, in society, in the future... Thanks for making the wheels turn in my mind!