Behind the Art with Melissa

Hello everyone!

I don't know about you but, aging is a little hard for me. I definitely don't feel the age I am and I find myself longing for younger years. Not always. Sometimes I embrace where I'm at but, more times that not, I seem to drift off into my daydreams of days gone by. Well, the reality is that I'm not that young anymore. The age of 40 is beginning to become more and more of a reality. And, for my personally, it's all just a bit surreal.

Over the years I've had lots of dreams and goals. When they have been met, I dream up more goals. Something I have come to realize is, I rarely focus on the hear and now. Perhaps that is why I have these moments of dreaming of the past. and wishing that time could rewind. 

As I was journaling and creating with the Intention kit, this thought kept coming up in my mind and, finally, I realized I needed to process it all. That is the beauty of our philosophy here at Inside Out! The photo I used for this layout is quite symbolic. I took it right before getting a hair cut and my attitude in that moment was one where I couldn't wait for the future! Now, I look back at this photo and think to myself, "yes, my hair needed to be cut but, why couldn't I just be thankful in that moment? why did I find it necessary to rush time?"

It seems silly to some, perhaps, that I'm having these thoughts over a haircut but, the symbolism goes so much broader than that. 

How many times have I done this with other moments of my life? How many times have I wanted time to rush by because there was something coming up and I just couldn't wait? Therefore, many precious moments were missed because I just wanted the week to fly by. 

In my own personal life, and maybe this is something you can relate to right now too, I want to stop rushing time. I want to stop missing out on the blessings that are currently surrounding me. I want to have more "stop and smell the roses" moments. 

Goals are good. Vision is good. Dreams are good.  I'll continue having all those things. But, I want to also remember to notice what is around me now. 

Interesting how this can relate to INTENTION, doesn't it? 

After creating this and writing it all down, I have noticed that I'm more aware of my current surroundings. I've noticed my pace has slowed. There are things on the horizon that I could be easily gazing at and missing what is front of me but, I'm trying my hardest to keep my eyes on the here and now.  It's been good for my soul. 

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