Behind the Art with Jen Matott

 This month's theme "Intention" inspired me to take a look at what I do or intend to do each day.  I wake up and make a "to do" list each morning.  I make my intentions for the day whether it is realistic or not, I try to check off those things on the list.  Sometimes the list is very long and sometimes it contains leftover items from the day before, but the goal is not the empty my list, but rather to focus my energies for the day.  There are some days that I only accomplish one or two items but that is still a victory!

Often, I will throw in a over arching goal/ intention just to make it seem less like a monotonous list but rather a way to better myself and others in my life.  For example, "show appreciation for a friend in some way"... whether it's a phone call or sending a note.  Sometimes it is important to remember to do things for others and not always just a personal list.
It's important to me to try to focus my day and prioritize what I have to do with what I love to do!  What is on your daily "to do" list?

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katiebug92 said...

I make a todo list every morning as well. It definitely helps me put down my intentions ever day.

I love your layout!