Behind the Art with Stacey

Hi everyone!  I am here to share some techniques and thoughts behind one of my favorite pages using the January kit.  I often scrap about my children.  Many times I tell stories about events or their personalities, but sometimes I send them lessons on a layout. 
I call this page, See & Speak Love.  I was inspired to create the page because they argue a lot.  They seem to be defending themselves all the time, which causes fights.  I want them to be more compassionate and really listen to each other better.  
 The idea of the page was developed first.  I knew what photos I wanted to use, but I had not title.  I started rummaging around the kit contents and found serious inspiration.  Then I built my title using symbols and words.  The speech bubble represents the talk I want them to engage in.  The glasses speak for themselves.  I decided to hand cut the love.  I used my own handwriting.

My words serve as a lesson to my kiddos.  I like to share pages with them after they are finished.  I also hope that they look at this page when they are older and remember my wishes.

I love the whimsy of this page.  Each element matches my theme, from all the hearts to the frames along the corners.  I want to "frame" their thinking. 

Those are some of the behind the scenes thoughts from my art!

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