Behind the Art with Angi Barrs

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be back again to share another page that I made using January's emotion - "Empathy".

I believe that we all can feel empathy for another person. We may see someone and feel this emotion while walking down a street. We may feel this when thinking about a family member. We may even feel this emotion in the workplace.

I created this page to represent the compassion that I feel for others in my workplace.

Many people know that I am a teacher. Not only do I teach academics, but I am also a surrogate mom in a way too. I teach in a low income area. Most of my students don't have the love and support that you would expect in the average household.

I feel so much compassion for my students on a daily basis. Some do not have all of the school supplies that they need. Some don't have a parent at home to make sure that they complete their homework. And some may not have enough to eat. The list of their needs is a long one.

The photo on this layout are my hands holding a little wooden bird. 

This photo represents my compassion for the kiddos in my class. They work hard to make good grades, despite their circumstances. I am here for them always! I do my best to ensure that they have a positive place to learn. 

The paper and embellishments in this kit helped me express the emotion behind the creation. I love the stitched embellishments and the wooden hearts. Be sure to check out this month's kit. It will surely inspire you to create more meaningful pages!

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