Behind the Art with Jen Matott

Have you ever felt that the news/ media isn't being completely truthful with the public?  I often feel like I'm being manipulated when I watch the national news.  I used to blindly believe all that they dished out but now that I'm older, I don't always take what is being portrayed completely at face value. I've had enough... I try to teach my children to see the newspapers, media, movies and commercials as only one part of the story.  Most of the time it is told in one point of view.  It is rare that you see a news broadcast that tells all sides of the story in a fair and open way.  I am tired of feeling like I have to have the newest thing, be the perfect mom, look a certain way or think what is popular to think. 
 For this layout, I used Bead Gel through the stencil and then sprayed with the gold/ silver Gelato mist that I made for my "Tough Love" layout.  I did add a bit of perfect pearls (pink from a previous SFTIO kit) to the mix to give a pinkish shimmer to it.
 I cut the speech bubble from one of the papers in the kit and backed the cut out letters with scraps from the various papers I used on other layouts. Great way to use up some little pieces.

 I wanted to show my lack of empathy for the news media's one-sided reporting by using a photo of me with my hand out.
Sometimes people can draw empathy from you that is not necessarily honest in their methods of doing so.  I resent that I can be manipulated in that way.  For kids, it's hard to discern what is real and what is fake... I hope my kids can tell when something is not all together true on TV.  What do you think? Are you easily swayed by media or do you question their motives and viewpoints? 

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bonnie b said...

Great page Jen, and yes I do believe reporting is often manipulated and one sided. We all know there is more than one side to any story!