Behind the Art with Melissa

Happy Tuesday!

Do you FEEL me? 

Do you truly understand what I am going through? How I feel? And if you understand, is your empathy genuine?

These are questions I mull over in life. No matter what I am feeling, I wonder if others truly empathize with what I'm going through. Or are they only concerned with themselves?

And if they are, maybe those relationships just aren't worth my time. 

Because, not only do I want to practice empathy, I want others to show that same compassion towards me.

Along those lines, I, at times, wonder if I'm hard to read. Do I put up a wall without knowing it? Or maybe my emotion is so obvious, like a good rain downpour, that people try to avoid me. 

My mind could go on and on with all kinds of thoughts. I could imagine scenarios of what others think about me. When I'm happy or sad. It doesn't really matter.

Maybe you are like me and just want people to give you a hug  in times of sorrow or an amazing high five when things are going well. 

Empathy intrigues me sometimes and I love letting it out on this layout. I created a grid design, of sorts, to symbolize a puzzle. Putting together the pieces of life. 

Do you feel like others get you? Grab one of our kits and journal about it! We've done the ground work and now you can see just how therapeutic it can be.

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