Behind the Art with Stacey

Do you have a special someone?  That person who can see right through you and always seems to "get" you?  I am lucky enough to be married to my someone.  He is one of the most understanding and empathetic people I have ever met.

His ability to take himself out of his own situation and step into mine is astonishing to me.  It has helped me make some big life changes over the years.  I created this page to document my feelings about it.

I chose two photos that captured a moment between us.  They are not perfect photos, but life isn't perfect either.  I try to not worry so much about things like that because it can stop me from being creative.

I love the numbers and wanted to draw attention to them.  They represent all the ways I appreciate my husband.  I placed the dark sticker next to them and topped it with a star and feminine rose.  I love these wooden hearts.  I wanted to scatter them along the page, almost coming from the star. 

Then I just wrote from my heart.  The idea of change struck me.  I have changed some of my behaviors and reactions based on how he gets me. 

This page made me feel very grateful and appreciative.  It changed my mood and my perspective.  That is the power of scrapbooking.

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