Behind the Art with Angi Barrs

Hello everyone! I am here to share a very special page with you. I'm also throwing in another tip to use as you create using January's emotion - "Empathy"!

What is empathy anyway?

It is defined as:
- The feeling that you understand and share another person's experiences and emotions.

There are so many people around us that have the keen ability to show empathy towards others. I am around people all the time. Sometimes you don't notice certain character traits right away. When I study and observe people that are close to me, I often see moments of caring shining through. These people are what I call "gentle souls".

This page is a prime example of this.

I'd also like to share another tip with you this week. Be mindful of choosing just the right photo for your page. The photo can help you express the emotions and feelings of your page.

For example, I purposely used a black and white photo. I believe that it helps express the softness of this gentle moment.

My cutie pie nephew is a miracle baby. My sister and her husband have been married for 15 years. They have gone through the terrible loss of three miscarriages.

What is really touching is how he has impacted my sister and brother-in-law with care and concern all through the pregnancy and beyond. He is a "Mr. Mom" with heart!

And don't forget about your journaling. Use embellishments around it to make it one of the focal points of your page.

I encourage you to make more layouts about people that have impacted your life in some way. The kit has wonderful paper and embellishments that will make your page special for years to come.

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