Behind the Art with Melissa

Have you ever taken a personality test? One of my favorites to take is the Myers-Briggs. I take it every couple of years just to see if I've changed. I've been an ENFP for the past 8 years and embrace it. Which... is pretty natural of an ENFP to do. 

I've also taken a quiz through Strengths Finders. At a past job, we all took this as an administration staff. It was cool to hear what everyone was. One thing I learned about myself is I have wisdom. 


I don't usually feel very wise! And yet, I've had people in my life tell me they are thankful for my wisdom. 

What am I suppose to do with that? I don't know I have it in my head that accepting the fact I might possess wisdom, is selfish. Because it is not. 

I decided to document how I felt about this and the conflict that goes in my head, when accepting this. I've used the contents of this kit to showcase that conflict and I'll walk you through that now. 

Combining textures: I layered the canvas leaf with the gold to create some contrast. I struggled combining these two elements of the but embraced the symbolism of "conflict" they can bring. 

Literal symbolism: How perfect to include that owl! We all know owls are wise, right? ;) 

I love the stencil this this months kit. I decided to double up the title but do it using different elements. (conflict!!!) Design note: I used modelling paste on the stencil to create the title card. Simple and adds great dimension.

I used the Thickers and stickers to repeat the title of the layout.

I love layering and combining patterns. I've not always been very brave in doing this but, over time, it has gotten to be lots of fun to experiment. I created a pennant end because I like the movement it adds, as it takes your eye around the layout. 

In the end, I do accept that I might possess some wisdom but, I'm also careful to not boast about it. I'm not going to hunt you down to share with you everything I know. That would just be wrong! But, what I will do, is when I feel led to share, I will.

Thanks so much for swinging by today!

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