Behind the Art with Lori

Hi everybody! As you know, we're showcasing our WISDOM kit this month. 

Here's a little more about this layout:

I found that most of my work this month was a little more "clean" than usual. Maybe the idea of "wisdom" seems more cut and dried?
I loved this quote by the great Maya Angelou: "The desire to reach for the starts is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise."

As an educator for 17 years now, I felt touched by this quote.
My fellow educators know we don't go into this for the fame or the money (ha!)
...but for the hearts.
It's amazing to me how much of an impact I can have on so many of my students,
most of the time without even realizing it.
I wanted to pull in several of the different papers on this piece...and to show a bit of a "patchwork" to symbolize all the ways and people I have desired to touch in some way.

This was a good reminder for me that the desire to make a difference in kids' lives
is good...it is wise...it is something of which to be proud.
Even on the days when it feels quite the opposite!

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