Journaling: Enchantment Style

Hi everyone!

It has been way too long since our last post about journaling.

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For this post we're going to go back in time. We're going to showcase how journaling plays into the emotion each month. This month, we explore Enchantment. Did anyone else suddenly find themselves going through a time warp to years past?

I sure did! I was thrown back to a time when my imagination would run wild. I would be enchanted by so many things around me. After watching Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty too many times, I would imagine the animals could talk to me and that I lived among the trees. It was definitely a happy time! Carefree. Barefoot. Hair flowing. Tiara in hand. Those were the days.

So... pen to the paper and I began to scribble.

I began to recall staying up late because I thought I heard the jingle bells on Santas sleigh. I was enchanted. 
I began to think about all those times of running through my grandparents apple orchard, pretending to be a maiden being rescued by her prince. I was very enchanted!
Pretending. Laughing. Skipping. New discoveries. 

Then, the other day as I was walking home, something happened.

It was dusk and I saw something flicker out of the corner of my eye. It scared me at first. 
Then, I saw it again... and again.... and again and pretty soon I realized what I was seeing.


Fireflies don't really exist in the pacific northwest so there was never a reason for me to see one. Many people gasp when I make that comment so I retort with, "have you ever seen a bald eagle fly right over your head?" 

I let out a little shriek of glee. "Oh my goooosh!" Is what came out. I skipped and got really excited. 
I really hope no one was peaking outside their window because I'm sure my response was quite comical coming from a grown up. 

The minute I got home I decided to relate my childhood enchantment.... those feelings I recalled... and record the real life moment when those emotions literally resurfaced. It was so exciting! And I'm so thankful for JOURNALING. The process of recording it and now the memory is fresh and preserved. 

How perfect.

So what is the journaling advice hidden within this post? 

Let your mind wander to happy times and allow yourself to experience those moments again. Then, go record them. 

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katiebug92 said...

Love your layout. :) I usually have trouble deciding how I want to journal- the facts, a fun approach, etc. Once I decide, I can journal but getting to that point is tricky. ;) Great tips.