Journaling: The Power of the Pen

When it comes to journaling on our layouts, we all have our own unique approach. After the thoughts come rolling in, after the rough draft happens, it's time to place it on our layout.

Something that I love is seeing handwriting. I think that it adds a beautiful and personal touch to our layouts.
The other day, I found a bunch of letters that my grandma had written to her friends. Something stirred within me when I saw her handwriting. No one else has her handwriting. It is completely her own and, I think, the personal relationship she has with her handwriting, made it so much more meaningful.

Many of the design team showcase their own handwriting on their layouts. I love that!

Layout by Jen Matott

Layout by Lori Wilbanks

Layout by Melissa Elsner

You can see Times New Roman, Calibri and Arial on anything and everything. There is no personality to it! So here is my challenge to you - USE YOUR OWN HANDWRITING! Add some personality. Leave your mark and embrace it. Whether you hate it or love it, there is so much more value when using your own handwriting. Believe me. 

You can do it. 

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Laurie Leahey said...

I usually always use my own handwriting for my journaling UNLESS I'm going to be journaling a lot and want to make sure that everything I want to get down will fit in the space I have.