Weekend Warmup: Let Me Ask You a Question

One of the key elements of the type of scrapbooking/art journaling/creative expression we foster at SFTIO is THE QUESTION. 

Think of it this way...if I told you we were going to spend the month making art about CURIOSITY, would you know where to start? It's hard to jump in and get going. Even asking yourself the question, "what am I curious about" might leave you with more confusion than crafting. It's too open ended.


Some call them prompts. Or journaling starters. Or challenges. I call them the place where the rubber meets the road. 

Every month I prepare a list of questions that I'd like to answer - things that are on my mind. Hmmm...maybe that's not exactly right. They're the questions I want to answer and the ones I fear answering. That's where the good stuff is...

'The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek' - Joseph Campbell

Here's a prompt from this month's CURIOSITY Inspiration Page that's especially touchy for me...which is why I NEED to answer it.

I don't want to know: Are there things that you'd rather stay in the dark about - where you might be curious but are afraid of what you might learn? Did curiosity really kill the cat...can you (or have you been) too curious and gotten in trouble? Perhaps a little internet snooping...anyone? Be honest...

There are some people in my life, past and present, about whom it would be better for me to avoid 'studying'. I'm not proud of it, but I've been guilty of making my own life more difficult by prying into areas where I'd really do better with less information.

In our Facebook/Twitter/Google/Instagram world it's WAY TOO easy to learn things that should be private...and that in the end do nothing but cause us to relive past wounds, feel bad about ourselves or create unflattering comparisons that injure us.

So why have I done those things? Have you? I bet...I've yet to meet someone who hasn't looked up an old flame, or a nemesis. 

Perhaps if I spend some time creating a LO about exactly WHY I have let myself get pulled into old stories and what-ifs, I'll be less inclined to do it in the future. Perhaps I can anchor the idea that my life, as it is, is exactly as it should be. Perhaps. No promises. :)

Want to join me on my quest for honest expression? It's my mission in life to inspire you to do so, and in doing so, to free you to be the most authentic YOU. 

Do it on your own, with us on our Message Board or best of all, with our CURIOSITY kit. We've just got a couple left...and this kit (featuring Allison Kreft's Composition and Color line for Webster's Pages and Cosmo Cricket's Sweet Disposition among other fresh and fabulous finds) will give you the perfect color, design and symbolism to tell your story. Grab it HERE.

There are 4 more deep questions to answer on the CURIOSITY Inspiration Page...and many more in your heart that I haven't thought of. Share them with us here on the blog or on our boards, and I hope you spend some time this weekend exploring what you're most CURIOUS about.


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