Enquiring Minds...

Maybe I'm dating myself, but an advertisement for the gossip publication "The Enquirer" keeps ringing through my head when I look at our next challenge in the topic Curiosity.  "Enquiring Minds Want to Know..."  Does anyone else out there remember that?  Those articles that always claimed to share a secret, or answer a big question.  Sometimes it was completely fabricated (although I think there are laws against that now, I still think many take great liberties), sometimes it was complete truth but so unbelievable.

Case in point.  When I was a young twenty-something, my boyfriend's brother was in an unbelievable accident.  He was driving onto a highway when a tractor-trailer clipped him.  His car flipped 90-degrees so that his driver's side was pinned up against the front of the tractor-trailer and the truck was still barreling down the highway at 55-miles per hour.  The truck drove on for another mile or so, before passing cars flagged him down and he slowed to a stop.  My boyfriend's brother was 100% UNHARMED.  His car's tires were worn down to the rims and the rims also burned away from being pushed along the highway, but that was it.  This incredible story later got picked up by the very publication I mention above, "The Enquirer".  It was written in such a way, and the images provided (characatures of the car, truck and my boyfriend's brother) made the story too incredible to be believed.  But I knew the truth and after that, I have always wondered... how much truth is in all of those "incredible" stories in those oh-so unreliable "newspapers"?

Ah, but I digress... let's look at our next challenge for this month:

Big Question/Headline

Secrets: If you could ask someone in your life a BIG question, what would it be? Whom would you you address, and what are the chances you'd get your answer? Would this person be surprised, flattered or disappointed by your question? Is there something you don't want others to be curious about in YOUR world?
Please create a layout about a question you'd love to have answered for you, and for the design twist, what would you imagine your curiosity-based question to reveal in a newspaper or magazine headline?

Style your LO like a serious news outlet, a rag sheet or a women's magazine.

I hope you share with us!  Ready?  Set.  Go!

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