Behind the Scenes - Why, Kiki?

Hi everyone! I am happy to be here answering some behind the scenes questions for you about one of my layouts.

What prompted you to pick this take on curiosity ?
As a teacher of technical courses for a government department, the question "Why?" comes up very often during class. And that's a good thing. My job is really about answering the why, and making students curious so that they really learn. And when that's fun, that makes for a terrific class.

Why did you choose this photo?
This is quite often how I look when I'm teaching, and I felt that having a picture of me, in my office was rather appropriate for the subject matter.

How do you feel about the message of your layout?
I think it's important. So often adults take courses because they have to, or they themselves are looking for ways to teach their children. And getting adults curious about something is often a challenge due to pride. Parents often hate the "Why?" years of parenting, but look at it as a blessing. Your child wants to learn something from you! When we get older, our pride gets in the way, and sadly we sometimes forget that there are lessons to be learned every day.

What symbolism did you pull into your design?
The question marks vary in size and depth, and that was very purposeful. Some questions are more important than others, and some questions dig deeper than others.

Tell us a little bit about how you feel now that you have "let it all out" on this page.
I think once people read a little about why instructors love to teach, they realize that they have a job to do, and the learning is a two-way street. People know that I love people-related activities at work. I'm a people person. But I doubt that many understand that I teach too because I'm curious myself and love to learn.

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