Are You A Snooper? Redact That!

The first time I ever heard someone use the term "redacted", I was clueless as to what he was implying.  Finally, after the third use of the word, I said, "do you mean 'retract'?"  He kind-of paused, and finally realized that he'd been speaking a foreign language to me.  "No," he said.  "Redacting is editing a document so that it can be viewed by the public without revealing sensitive information to the wrong people."  Or something like that.  I don't really remember word-for-word. 

I have to say, now that I know what redact means, my thirst for knowing what is under that black mark is nearly unquenchable.  As you would suspect, I often go on without any further knowledge, but on occasion, when I get lucky, I am able to snoop far enough to find out what it says.

This brings us to our first challenge of the month.  Are you the type of person who Must Know?  Does Curiosity drive you to find the answers and if the answers are readily available to you give up or do you dig in deeper and try to find a way to get the answer?  Or are you the type of person who prefers not to know... allowing that to be "redacted" and blacked out for you?

Here's our first challenge:

I don't want to know: Are there things that you'd rather stay in the dark about -where you might be curious but are afraid of what you might learn? Did curiosity really kill the cat...can you (or have you been) too curious and gotten in trouble? Perhaps a little internet snooping...anyone? Be honest...
Please create a layout, mixed media creation or art journal page about a situation where you've searched for something you'd rather not have, or something you don't want to know about...and for the design twist black something out FBI style.

I would LOVE to see what you come up with... that is, if you don't mind me snooping into your thoughts.  :)  Please share it with us in our gallery or link it up in the comments below to your blog or photo sharing site!

Happy snooping (or redacting)!

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