Mixed Media on your Layouts

Have you guessed by now what my favourite technique is in scrapbooking? Do you have one? A friend of mine says that her favourite technique is gluing paper to other paper. :rolleyes: Mine is using mixed media on scrapbook pages, and what's exciting about that for me is trying out something new, not knowing exactly how it will turn out.

Take for example my page using February's Risk kit, Try:

A friend and I were browsing in one of my favourite art/scrapbooking stores and I found some glass bead gel and had to try it for myself. I love putting media through stencils to create raised patterns.

Here's a close up:

See those triangles that shimmer? That shimmer is tiny glass beads in the clear gel. You can always add colours to the gels, or pastes to create a whole new look, without any additional cost. I love embellishing my scrapbook layouts using something inexpensive, don't you?

If you want to give it a try, it's as easy as getting a trial size of an art medium, or taking a shot, and buying something that looks like fun. Show us what new art medium you've used lately! 

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