Let 'Er Rip by Lori Wilbanks

New design team member Lori Wilbanks is sharing with us on the blog today one of her specialties... ripping up paper!

Let's take a read, shall we?


Well, I admit it, I am a messy crafter!
Okay, so that's not much of a confession, but I have to tell you, sometimes a little mess just makes me happy!
I want to share a little technique with you that may make some of you a little nervous...that's okay! 

Often in my scrapping and art journaling, I find that ripping that paper up is just the look I want!

I think this torn paper helps add to the idea that we are not always harmonious and careful with each other. 

Now, I know what some of you are thinking..."but my beautiful patterned paper!!!" Look, you can carefully use your trimmer and save most of that 12x12 sheet, but I'm telling you, a little tearing can be quite a stress reliever! 

i don't use this technique on everything, but I find I really like that distressed look....plus I have a hard time making all my lines and elements straight....sigh.

For this layout, I really wanted again to show kind of the "opposite" of harmony....the ripped edges helped create a little chaos on the page. Plus I really wanted the monotone contrasting to color to show up. I love that yellow popping through.

So, your challenge is to try a little tearing! i want to hear the glorious sound of ripping paper echoing throughout the land!

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