Behind the Scenes with Jen Matott

What prompted you to pick this take on Harmony ?
I chose to do a layout with the opposite of Harmony... Chaos.  I sometimes feel like it's important to acknowledge both the good and the ugly parts of life.

Why did you choose this photo?
I took these photos on a beach in Florida on a windy day when a storm was approaching.  We had stopped to get photos at sunset and the clouds came in bringing wind with it.  It was not a great photo opportunity and I was disappointed that we couldn't get nice sunset photos but it best shows how life throws curve balls at us and the photos were not great but they are moody and fit this idea perfectly.

How do you feel about the message of your layout?
I sometimes feel that my life is out of control... too many obligations, too little time, too much mess, unexpected negative things that pop up.  It's not always a good photo opportunity everyday.  I can't always do all that I want to do in the time I need to do it.  Sometimes you have to go with the flow and just count your blessings at the moment.  Sometimes the wind blows it all around and we end up disappointed when our plans do not work out, but it's life and we are lucky we can have the good with the bad.

What symbolism did you pull into your design?
I wanted a busy background to symbolize chaos.  I also love the tags in there to journal my thoughts on.

Tell us a little bit about how you feel now that you have "let it all out" on this page.
I think that this is a bit of controlled chaos on here. It actually looks a bit too orderly to me.  I would have added more "mess" to the page before gluing it all down.  But I love how the photos look with the colors and tags.

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