Motivation Monday

Good Morning!

It sure is hard around this time of year to get motivated with so much on the to do list! I know it is even harder to try and find time for yourself to make something that means something to YOU and not just a gift for a teacher, friend or family member. The time you give to yourself though is so important. A few moments of solitude to try and gather your thoughts. Those times are creative recharge. (or a Mom recharge or a good employee recharge or a daughter recharge.. the list goes on and on!!!)

I try and find those small moments when I can steal away and re-engerize my creative self. 20 minutes on pinterest at lunch! Or when my girls are in Sunday School I make a trip to Barnes and Nobles and sit by the magazines soaking up all the beautiful Somerset family of magazines (do you know how many they publish??? http://www.stampington.com/magazines/index.php), photography magazines and if you can believe... Even tattoo magazines! The artwork sometimes is so beautiful and can spur an idea! I then move on to the books and can spend time in the crafts section. The home dec sections and usually end up in the inspirational books. I can always seem to find one that just hits home to where I am exactly on that day. (yesterdays purchase was "the ME I want to be")

So in this BUSY time of year.. try (and I know it is HARD!!) to take that time to "hear". Recharge and embrace that time. (even if it is just 5 minutes!!!)

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season...

PS.. the latest issue of SCRAP365 (from England) has a great few pages about ideas for your paper scraps!! pg. 50 and 51! (see.. I am making you get to a store to look and take time for you!!!)


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