Releasing is Bittersweet!

As we begin a new design team term this January, I wanted to take a moment and celebrate the gals that will be leaving. It's not said often enough to these gals, I so appreciate the hard work they put into each kit. Tirelessly, working hard to create layouts that will inspire, motivate and encourage others to take their scrapbooking in a unique direction. I love that! And I know it's not easy. Some months, we all kind of sit and brainstorm together due to "scrap block". But then, I get these GIFTS in my inbox each month. Gifts that we get to share with you!

It's OK by Mary Jo Rhoda
I love this layout by Mary Jo. The subject matter is so great. I think we all need to write a letter to our younger self. I recall, during numerous therapy sessions, being encouraged to talk to that "little girl" and release her from hurts and the like. There is a playfulness, and yet, beautiful and peaceful energy to this layout. I love the placement of the bird and how it symbolizes RELEASE. 

Thank you Mary Jo for putting your heart and soul into the layouts you created during your term. I love knowing that you felt you have grown, not only creatively, but also as a woman. 

It's Going Great by Kate Vickers
This was my favorite layout by Kate this month, using the RELEASE kit. She is an expert when it comes to combining the right elements with her photos. I often found myself looking at her layouts to see how she would pull certain patterns and colors together. And check out how she altered that bird! So gorgeous. The other thing I appreciate about Kate is her vulnerability and willingness to share why she had a hard time airing her "dirty laundry". That is SO "inside out" and I know that many were able to relate with her. I also loved how she showed us how to include her family and children in her layouts but still keep the focus on her own thoughts and feelings. 

Mary Jo and Kate... thank you so much for giving all you had for the past six months! It was a pleasure to have you on the design team and you are always part of the Inside Out family! 

And December isn't over yet so we get to keep you just a little bit longer. ;)

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I don't know how I missed this post, but thankfully just saw it tonight. Thank you so much for taking a chance on me. As hard as it was to leave the dt, it was the right choice for now. I love our team and the site. And am so grateful for how being on the team, really did help me grow as a storyteller. :)