Escaping Perfection

One of the things I have come to embrace in my scrapbooking is that perfection is over rated.
For too long, I was focused on perfection. Creating the perfect layout. Using the perfect product. Finding the perfect photos. It became overwhelming and frankly made scrapbooking a little less fun!

Once I let go of this need for perfection, my pages came together so much quicker. I felt much happier with the process. And I also realized that I was missing out on some great stories because I didn't always have the "perfect" photo.

Today I want to share a few layouts with you that might never have been made if I had not used my "imperfect" photos.

I created "Girl's Night Out" using this month's Escape kit. The photo was taken with my phone camera on a recent night out with my good friends. Looking at it up close it's a little blurry and the colors are off. But it is the only photo I have from that night, and wasn't going to let that stop me from creating the layout. In fact, once I really looked at the photo, I saw our happy smiles that really tell the story about how much these times together mean to us!

This is another layout I created with this month's kit. I have to say, the two photos on the left are favorites from the trip. The one on the right, well I almost didn't put it on. The lighting just isn't good. But we have so few photos of the two of us together that weekend, so I felt it was important to include it. And once again, giving the picture a second look I see the happiness on our faces. And I noticed how I am leaning in towards Mike to get closer. Perfect!

And finally, this is an older layout, but oh how I love that photo. It is so blurry, but was also the first photo that made me realize I just didn't care that it was blurry. I wanted to scrap it, because to me itwas perfect. To me, this is what scrapbooking is all about!
So maybe take a second look at some of those photos that don't seem perfect at first glance. You just may find you have a story to tell.

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Staci said...

Fantastic LOs and great thoughts!