Alone or Together?


In my youth, I craved the "puppy pile" of a large group of friends, like you see in so many television shows and movies (Beverly Hills 90210 anyone?) but I only ever had one or two really good friendships as a time.  As I grew older, I realized that this is really the "norm".  As the wisdom of age crept upon me, I also noticed something else about myself.  While I love a good party or gathering, after a time period, I need to get away... escape... to someplace quiet.  I very easily get overstimulated and that makes me very tense. 

I first realized this when I spent a day with my "new" boyfriend (my now husband) and his three kids, a friend or three, at a park.  After a lot of fun, a cook out, a ton of conversation, games and swinging, I began to feel ... "off".  We got back to the apartment and I remember my boyfriend (husband) ask me if I was alright.  I really wasn't.  I needed to escape.  I needed space. I couldn't breathe.  My skin was sensitive, even.  I told him I needed to go lay down for a while and went into the bedroom and shut the door. 

The change in tension level was practically palpable!  The quiet of the bedroom, even though I could still hear the chatter and activity in the other part of the apartment, was like a cool cloth on a hot forehead.  But I felt guilty.  I should be able to handle three kids and friends and fun, right? 

As I said, with age comes wisdom, and I now know that I can handle "togetherness" in doses, but it must be balanced with equal (or more) doses of alone time.  Otherwise, I really have very high tension and stress!

 All this to bring us to another challenge that was posted over in our community.  Won't you please play along?

Are you someone who loves the company of others or craves time alone? Is your perfect everyday escape sitting with a hot beverage and reading a book, or being with friends in a quiet conversation? Dancing the night away or getting into nature? If you’re partnered, do you have similar ‘escape’ styles? If not, how do you handle that?

Please create a layout about your favorite alone time. What is it that you do to escape? From work? From family? From friends?

Here's your design twist: Use the windows from the kit (or create a window if you don't have the Escape kit). Are you the type of person who wants to look out and dream for an escape?

I look forward to seeing your creative twist to this challenge.  Please share it with us here by posting a link in our comments or join us in the community and post it in our gallery!  

Now... time for me to have a little alone time... 


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