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Today I am happy to share with you one of the explorations into our topic: Escape by a member of our very own community.  Please welcome Martine:

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Our first challenge was:

Disappear: On a tough day have you imagined leaving it all behind? What daily tasks and difficulties would you love to let go of, even for a few moments? How would you go - with a big announcement or by sneaking away?

Please create a layout allowing yourself to imagine leaving regular life behind.

For the design twist, please design something that disappears like magic on your layout- hidden journaling is of course one good idea, but how about something that flips or turns? 

 And Martine shared with us this layout:

I loved the simplicity, and yet the layering... and even more so, the word "evasion" which drew me in...so I thought we could share it here and ask Martine to share a little about her process.  Here's what she has to share:

What prompted you to pick this "take" on Escape?
The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the "escape" theme was trying to escape from myself... which I've often wanted to do! I've tried escaping to a new life (in Alaska!) but I couldn't run away from my problems... I'm working on myself now, so I don't have to "run away" anymore!

Why did you choose this photo? What symbolism did you try to bring through your design?
I remember the feeling when this photo was taken. I was at peace with myself, relaxed and happy. We were on vacation in a beautiful place with an incredible, quiet beach and amazing ocean. I had a week-long escape from my life back home that was hard at the time. I wanted to keep embellishments minimal on this page, to try to keep the "zen" feeling of my photo and layout.

How did you feel about the message of the layout?
I hope the layout gives a sense peace and relaxation. True peace though can only be found within yourself, as you can't escape what's inside of you.

Why did you choose to show/hide your journaling?
I decided to hide my journaling as it was fairly personal. Just by looking at the layout, it could simply be a regular page in my trip album. But I know that the journaling added a whole different level to it, which I didn't necessarily want to share with everybody.

Tell us a little bit about how you feel now that this layout is done.
I'm glad I made this layout, as it put into picture and words how I've felt for a long time. It feels good to put in down on paper and making it "real".

Thank you so much, Martine, for sharing your layout and your heart.  We are so glad to have you as part of our community.

It's not too late for anyone else out there to join us!  Come Escape with us before we reach our new topic in September!  See you there!


thriftycrafter said...

It's beautiful, so peaceful. Good to have that journalling done but only for you nad those very close, well done.

thriftycrafter said...

It's beautiful, so peaceful. Good to have that journalling done but only for you nad those very close, well done.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Beautiful layout, Martine! Loved reading more about it and you :)