You Have to Move It...

Whew!  It's hot out there.  It's days like today when I'm super thankful for pools and air conditioning.  Well, more air conditioning than pools since I don't have access to pools.  :)  As I was sitting inside, enjoying my air conditioning, I wandered back over to the boards to see what some of the new design team tips had been posted.  I came across Jen's post and really wanted to share it with you. I love the movement! 

You Have to Move It, Move It...

Maybe my kids are playing the Madagascar songs a bit too much lately... sorry! But I have a fun topic here for you. After creating one of my pages for this month's Communication kit, I noticed that I had a few that show a lot of movement or directional pull to them. I like creating motion on a flat, still surface. It creates excitement and makes the viewer's eye move around the page (therefore keeping their interest longer).

So how did I do it? Well, here are a couple of examples and tips along the way...

First up is my "Art Talk" page in which I was inspired by a design on Pinterest

I love the chevron feel and the way they push/pull the viewer's eye. So I thought to myself that maybe I could achieve the same feel...

Here is my page... I cut the cardstock and arranged them on the page much like the image above. I like the vibrant effect it has but also the way it creates movement of the eye.

Here's a closer look. The colors also create a sort of Op Art effect that seems to vibrate!

Next up is the "Rebel Yell" page where I wanted to show my son in his yelling stage (not sure that ever went away)...

I loved the little paper airplane stamp from the kit and wanted to create a more 3D effect. So, I folded 3 little dart airplanes to add to the page!

Before I glued down the paper details, I dripped some ink on the page and blew using a drinking straw to get the ink flowing and moving! It was so fun to do and I loved seeing the little legs of ink moving in different directions. 

I then, stamped using the distress marker and the paper airplane stamp in different directions. Another trick to adding more movement.

The paper airplanes were then glued down so that they looked like they are soaring around the page. 

Finally, I used the photo corner stickers to create more directions by stacking them to create a chevron or repeated arrow.

If you are looking to create some movement or just direction for the viewer's eye to follow, then using arrows (even chevrons) or vibrant color or drips will add excitement to your work!

How can you add some movement to your page? 

Great inspiration there.  I'm itching to find some time so I can communicate with movement in my scrapbooking. Thanks Jen!

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Love that chevron inspiration! And the paper planes are perfect :)