Challenge Thursday: Newfangled or Old School?

It's time for a challenge!  Let's look at communication from the perspective of the new technologies out there, versus the tried and true, age-old devices.


Newfangled communication methods are all the rage – Facebook. Twitter, texting, the list could go on forever. Which methods do you use regularly and how do they impact your life? Has this kind of communication helped or hindered your relationships? What old-school method of communicating do you still employ, or miss most if you don’t?

For your challenge, we'd love for you to create a layout about a 'new' method of communicating and tell us whether it helps or hinders you - maybe there's a specific story. 

For the design twist, please use some of the classic communication tools to tell your story - images from the kit designs, or maybe you'll create your own?

Have fun and please show us your creation by linking it up in our comments or posting it in our challenge gallery!

1 comment:

trixr4kids said...

I honestly think that technology is a hinderance. There are certain nuances in our voices that convey exactly what we're saying, whether it be sarcastic, playful, joking, or serious. When we text, the other person isn't able to hear the inflection of our words so, sometimes, what we are "saying" gets lost in the translation. Thanks for letting me put my 2 cents worth.