Have You Spoken Your Truth? Be You and Win (In Every Way)

As our TRUTH kit month draws to a close, I want to remind you that the end of the month doesn't need to mean the end of your exploration. 

This month's challenges have really made me think.

It's hard to sufficiently explore truth without exploring the concept of lying...especially the lies we tell ourselves - telling ourselves something positive that might not be 100% accurate to protect ourselves from pain, or telling ourselves blatant falsehoods that undermine our self-confidence, out of habit.

Here are a few of the challenges up for this month on our message board. If you'd like to submit a LO to share, we'd love to see it. Any LO posted before 12:00 noon PDT (UTC/GMT-8) on July 3rd will be entered to win one of our monthly challenge giveaways.

And you don't need to be a subscriber to play. Everyone is welcome!

Challenge 1: Be True to You/Pinterest 

If you wanted to REALLY be true to you, what might you change about your life? For the design twist, please pick an image or quote from our TRUTH Pinterest Board and use it in your LO. 

The lovely TC, a long time subscriber, submitted this beautiful LO for challenge 1:

Why is it so hard for us to believe we are enough? Love mulling this over.

Challenge #2: Honesty/White

Honesty and Integrity: Have you ever lied in an important situation? Is there such a thing a ‘white lie’? When, if ever, can a lie be justified? How do you feel about someone lying to you? Are you honest to a fault? For the design twist, use something bright white to define your LO – stitching, either by hand or machine, white marker or white space.

Here's my take on this challenge:

I do hide certain things from myself to keep things feeling good. Sometimes. Do you?

We've got three more great challenges on the message board that are just as deep. It just takes a moment to register and you'll be good to go.

Even if you DON'T want to share a personal LO just yet, please do at least one for your eyes only. 

I promise, the TRUTH will set you free. Not in a second, not in a month, but in a lifetime. It's a goal worth pursuing.

I can't wait to see what you do.

PS: Make sure to join us tomorrow for the launch of the COMMUNICATION kit!

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