Doodle Your Truth!

I have been dabbling in the art of Zentangle.  When I saw some of Jen Matott's Truth layouts this month, I was thrilled to see how she incorporated tangling and doodling in.  Check these great layouts out and Jen's comments on doodling on your layouts...

Doodling on Your Layouts

This month I had fun with doodling and drawing on my layouts. I am going to share a bit about how to get starting if you are not comfortable with drawing or if you are an old friend with the pen!

You do not have to be a seasoned artist to create hand-drawn patterns or shapes on your layouts. There is a huge new wave of interest in doodling in the art and crafting world. Packaged as "Zendoodles, Zentangles, or Free Drawing"... it is all the same. It's doodling with lines, shapes, patterns and using ink pens. You can do it too!

In this layout I traced a Tattered Angels butterfly mask for the large butterfly. I divided up the shape symmetrically into smaller shapes. I created a pattern in each space and then echoed the same pattern or a variation of it on the opposite side. So, think of simple shapes and fill the space with those shapes.

Try varying the size of the shapes within the spaces. You can also change the look by coloring in some of the space solid. Stripes are always easy and bold!

Here is another layout in which I used free hand drawing/ doodling. I chose to draw in 2 corners and just started with a shape and added on more lines, shapes, and creating movement with the direction I placed the lines.

Look to nature for shapes too... I was inspired by ferns and new plants in how their leaves curl and have lines on them.

It's not as hard as you might think to doodle on pages. You really can't mess up because if you "make a mistake" you just turn it into something new! Try doodling on a layout for a fun, artsy look! 

How awesome are those tangles and doodles?  I hope to be brave enough to do this on my layouts soon.  Are you doodling your truth?  Share it with us!

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