More Contentment?

Our first challenge over in the Inside Out community explores how contented you are... if you need more to be contented... and how you measure your level of contentment.  Want to join in on the fun?  Here's your first challenge...


More: Is it possible to be happy with what you have, with your lot in life, and still wish for more, or are those two ideas mutually exclusive? Are you content with your life as it is? Do you wish for anything specific to change, and do you act in a way to get yourself there or simply wish without changing your actions? What would you sacrifice, if anything to have more of what you desire?

Please create a layout about your level of contentment with your life. What scale do you use to measure? Maybe your graph has happiness on one axis and stress on the other...maybe it's a trade off between your home and work...or fun vs. a totally organized house. Maybe it's bigger: did you sacrifice a career for kids or vice versa?

For the design twist, let's see your graph or chart and how innovative you can get integrating it into the design. Have fun! 

I've got my thinking cap on.  How about you?  Join us in the community, post your layout in response to this challenge in our challenge gallery and you may win some fun goodies to add to your stash!  C'mon, let's play!

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