Inside Out with Bonita Rose

Bonita Rose
Design Team Member

Lately, I've been really enjoying scrapbooking in the 6x12 size. I have a few of those sized albums.. and I love how quickly a page can come together with only half of the regular 12x12 page size, plus your paper can go a lot further!

The SFTIO kits are full of so much inspiration! The papers are always so rich, and everything in the Kit goes together so beautifully. The first step for me, is deciding what papers I want to use for a specific layout. It's usually the colors and pattern that speaks to me first. Once I choose my papers I want to use for a specific layout, the next step for me is finding a photograph that conveys what I'm feeling and what I want to share. 

For me, it all starts with my soul, what do I want to share? What do I want my children years down the road, to really know about me? What part of my life do I want to share on this page? 

I sift through my photos, finding the perfect photo to go with the emotion and tone of what I'm feeling, keeping in mind the colors in the photograph and the colors used on the papers. 

Next is the fun part!
I decide on the photo placement and crop the photo if necessary, then I start playing with the embellishments, journal spots, and alphabets included in the SFTIO KIT! 

I scrapbook haphazardly. There really isn't any rhyme or reason on how I put a layout together.. I just start moving things around on the face of my layout till I love the final look.. that's when I adhere everything down to the page. The last thing I do is write my story. I take a look at the photo, the embellishments, the paper colors and how it all works together, and then I begin to write. 

I share from my heart. I share and write how I talk to myself inside my head. I don't care if it sounds perfect or grammatically correct English. I just write down my heart. 

Every time after the process, I'm always pleased. 
I look at my layout, and I smile.

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I'm just a simple gal said...

I love your work! So inspiring!

Kristin said...

These are beautiful! I would love to try my hand at the 6x12 size again!