Happy Saturday everyone!

It is time for the "time warp again!"

Since we are all talking about contentment this month I thought it would be great to hop back to December of 09 and revisit PEACE.

It is interesting the similar things that bring peace and contentment. Siobhan, Rita and Andrea all expressed themselves using peace, but there are strong ties to what also makes them content.

What things bring you contentment? For me, it is smiles from my girls. Laughter with friends. Texts in the morning just saying hi, thinking of you. Time when I work on an art project and it flows from the heart. Sun on my face. Sounds of the waves hitting my toes. Finding a new song that you think has been written for just how you feel.

Here is what brings Andrea peace:

 For Rita.. it was the simple things like a great cup of Hot Chocolate:

Her favorite guys!!

But truly, it was her family!!!

For Siobhan she found peace in a setting:

And also within herself.

Hope you enjoyed this jump back in time!!!
See you soon!!!

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