Embossing Chipboard

Hi everyone!

We've got some fabulous chipboard elements in our kit this month. They lend themselves to be used as perfect symbolism while working on your CONTENTMENT layouts. Something I've always wanted to try was embossing on chipboard. I didn't know if it was possible or if the results would be something I liked. You never know until you try!

I used one of the small heart chipboard pieces, soaked it with chalk ink, sprinkled some clear embossing powder, pointed the heat gun and...

Embossed chipboard success!

I didn't even know that chalk ink could be used for embossing!

So if you were in the same boat as me; wondering if embossing on chipboard was possible... it IS!

Here are a few other tips:
  • I used my craft pliers to hold the chipboard. After soaking it in the ink, I dunked it into the embossing powder. I have poured all my powders into shallow Ziplock clear containers. Easy to sprinkle over the top of the container so it can be shaken off right into it.
  • Keep using the craft pliers to hold the chipboard while heat embossing it. That way you won't burn your fingers. :)
Here is the layout with the embossed heart. Love the punch of color it adds up there in the corner.

So there you go. You never know until you try something. What will you try today? Perhaps a kit from SFTIO? Don't know where to start? Come join us on the forum for wonderful discussion and more Exclusive Content from the design team. 

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