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Today is TIME WARP SATURDAY (guess I need to come up with a "catchier" phrase) so since we are celebrating a month of GRACE I thought it would be great to flashback to April of 2010 and visit "FEMINITY". Here are some funny word associations that was started on the message board

And... here are some of the GORGEOUS layouts...

By: Nancy

By: Nancy

Here are some of the closeups. Look at the gorgeous details. The paper ruffles and flowers. The gold ink applied to the chipboard. The spray to the small dress form only on the bottom half to give the fade look.  I also LOVE how she took the journaling and cut it apart. I am a person who loves sewing on a page and think this is a perfect example of how you can make it work without it being overwhelming.

By: Rita

Rita is a MASTER at layering. Notice how she makes it look SO easy. You will see so much layering in todays pages. And sometimes it can get overwhelming. Rita makes it looks easy and accesible through the use of paper frames and she then sandwiching the other elements in-between. Add some bling or chipboard on top and VIOLA...layering!

By: Rita

Here Rita used paint to distress her page. Just gorgeous!

By: Crystal

I LOVED this layout... get that phone out.. and start clicking away... that is the beauty with digital... you can delete the ones you don't like.. and print the rest! 

I hope you have liked this ride back in the past with me... and don't forget to check out our gallery and the message board  for other ideas from our past kits. There is such a wealth of ideas out there!!

Hope you enjoy today....

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I'm just a simple gal said...

I really miss seeing Nancy's work. I'm sad that she gave up scrapping and I can no longer see her blog :(