Grace In Women...

Grace in women has more effect than beauty.
William Hazlitt

Tis time, my friends... tis time.  What time is it, you ask?  TIME for US to challenge YOU.  C'mon, are you up for it?  Are you ready to get scrappin' about Grace?  Are those synapses firing and crafty juices flowing?

Well, here I am, ready to give you your first challenge this month.  Start out by thinking about this...

Refined: Were you taught or trained as a child to be ladylike, and did you comply? Are you more of a lady or a tomboy? How much do you value decorum and elegance? Would you rather be dressed to the nines and in heels and pearls or in jeans and bare feet? Does etiquette matter to you?

Me?  I was very much a tomboy.  But I was taught to "be a lady".  As I grow older and watch the kids around me, etiquette becomes more and more and MORE important to me, because it's dying out.  I have been told that my way of thinking and some of my actions are "old fashioned".  You will never find me in a dress (if I can help it), but I sure can clean up nice when the situation calls for it.

But I love pearls and I love jeans.  Hmmmm... is that allowed?

Okay, here's your challenge, should you choose to accept it... ready?

Please create a layout using two photos that show you at your most refined and most relaxed. Which makes you feel good about yourself? Is playing 'dress up' fun or a burden? For the design twist, please create a paper doll image...have fun! 

Hmmm...  such good ideas swimming in my head.  How about you?

Well, we sure hope you join us in playing along.  If you do, please share with us by commenting and sharing a link to a photo of your layout. OR... join us in the community, add your layout to our Grace challenge gallery and be in the running to win some fab goodies!

Have fun and good luck!

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